Versahaul ATV and Go-Kart Carrier




What's Included

  • Fits any class III or IV hitch
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easily stores away
  • Boxed for UPS shipping
  • Handles wide tires
  • The distance between the rails and bumper are adjustable.
  • Reversible Rails
  • Dimensions
  • Model Number: VH-90
  • Description: ATV and Go-Kart carrier
  • Approx. Shipping Wt.: 127 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity: 700 lbs.
  • Length of carrier rails: 71.5 in.
  • Width of carrier rails: 9.25 in.
  • Anti-tilt lock bracket
  • 50 in. main tube
  • Two 9.25 in. x 71.5 in. carrier tracks
  • Two wheel stop
  • Two reflectors
  • 3 mounting brackets





The VH-90 carrier is designed to safely carry 700 lbs. Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs.
Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1000 lbs.
Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load.
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