Manual Fold Mounted Ramp

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Manual Fold Mounted Ramp
Manual Fold Mounted Ramp

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    Non-Power Folding Van Ramps
    The perfect van access solution for those looking for an economical option for wheelchair or scooter access.  The non-powered folding ramp is easily folded out of the van door to the ground.  Nothing to fail! Fold the ramp up and store inside van door. Evaluation is required to assure compatibility. 

    A complete listing for mini-van compatibility is not possible due to the numerous changes to van models year to year. It is important to measure the door opening.  Some van models are listed below that are known to be compatible, although the Mini-Fold ramp will also likely work for additional vans not  listed.  It is for this reason an evaluation is required to assure compatibility with your van.

    Three Available Widths:  26” / 30” / 36”

    -  1,000 pound capacity
    -  Lightweight operation
    -  Economical solution for van access
    -  Ramp wheels help lower ramp to ground
    -  Easily installed with included bracket and hardware



    Mini-Van (side door only)  
    MF-26, 6’ x 26” model    $1,199.00

    Full-Size Van

    MF-30, 8’ x 30” model side/rear door  $1,470.00
    MF-36, 8’ x 36” model side/rear door  $1,650.00

     Safety:  Extreme traction and side rails designed into the ramp provide the utmost safety and security.  While dust and water can make other ramps slippery, the slotted design and raised ridges on each element mean there is always traction under any condition.

    More Information

    Model: MFM - Mini Vans

    Length: 6'

    Width: 26"

    Usable width: 25"

    Weight: 50 lb

    Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb


    Model: AFM - Full Sized Vans

    Length: 8'

    Width: 30"

    Usable width: 29"

    Weight: 60 lb

    Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb

     Model: AFM - Full Sized Vans

     Length: 8'

     Width: 36"

     Usable width: 35"

     Weight: 70 lb

     Weight Capacity: 1,000 lb

    Warranty Text

    Full 10-Year Warranty

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